Ades (Axten)


Gender/gender identity: Male
Age: 16 years
Hight: Almost 168 cm
Body: Slightly chubby
Eyes: Grey smiling eyes seeking attention.
Hair: Black slightly curly hair that’s almost long enough for a very short pony tail.
Face: Soft with a round nose. Often smiling with teeth.
Skin: Pale, no mentionable scars.

Seems carefree and is mostly seen smiling, even when the other students bully him. He does care, however, and thinks alot about his situation, but he tries not to show. One of the reasons people often get annoyed by him is the fact, that he thinks he knows better.

Piercings: 4 in the right ear, 5 in the left. One in the right side of his lower lip. All the piercings are rings.
Carrying: His shoulder back, pencils or pens and his art block. He does alot og drawing.

Male wielder uniform with a black tie and collar with the Citadel’s mark.

Longer version
– will come later, but involves the death of his mother and living in a poor family with way too many siblings –

Mes og Ades.png
Axten (left) and Mes (right)

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