Mestenes (Mes/Desron)


Gender/gender identity: Born male, but feels neither male nor female. Mes’ gender identity can change through the books as Mes gets a better self understanding.
Age: ~ 15 years
Hight: ~ 164 cm
Body: Hasn’t hit puberty because of multiple body traumas and malnutrition. Mes is very thin with a long neck, looking androgynous in general.
Eyes: Large, fragile grey eyes, that doesn’t mentain eye contact for too long. There’s a small dot under the left pupil in the grey of the eye.
Hair: Black, slim hair that is short, but long enough to cover the ears.
Face: Narrow face with a straight nose. Nervous smiles.
Skin: Pale, alot of scars on the chest.

Seems very fragile both mentally and physically, but seeks contact and listens to people. Very gentle. Mes is mentally younger because of a traumatic childhood and there’s alot Mes doesn’t understand.

Piercings: None.
Carrying: Nothing, but is often clenching hands or touching the tie.

Female wielder uniform with a black tie and collar with the Citadel’s mark.

Longer version
– will come later, but contains a physically abusive father and a lifetime in his cellar –

mestenes drawing
Old Mestenes sketch

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