mite sketch

Gender/gender identity: Female
Age: 16 years (Older than Axten)
Hight: A little over 170 cm
Body: Slim with small boobs
Eyes: Grey with an often cold, judging or fragile glance
Hair: Black short, messy hair with very short, straight fringe (She dislikes her own hairstyle)
Face: Small and mouse-ish. With a little nose, narrow eyes, slim lips. She has crooked teeth and never smile (or try not to smile).
Skin: Pale with a long, white scar on the right arm, from inner wrist and almost to the albow. Not self-made, and she’s very self aware of it.

Seems cold on the outside, but is very caring when you get to know her. She doesn’t let people in though.
She has alot of pride, is very strong in The Sense, but gets scared by aggressive people and find it hard to use her powers in heated situations.

Piercings: None in book 1.
Carrying: Books or her school back.

Female wielder uniform with a black tie and collar with the Citadel’s mark.

Longer version
As most people Mite has many faces, but the face she shows the world is cold. She has built walls around herself to keep people out. She knows they are all the same in the end, selfish. So why bother? Mite was rejected by her parents. Since both her parents were wielders (people with The Sense) The Citadel, the government of The Southern Coast, forced them to be together and eventually have a child: Mite. Just like her parents she inherited the sense, and in the school for wielders she was a quick learner. But even Mite can’t live her life alone, and as she grows up she meets Axten. He’s a rather odd kid, but he loves the world with blind stupidity. He’s a wielder just like her, but he’s weak – she, however, is strong. Her connection with the sense frightens the other kids, not Axten though. For some reason he’s sure she won’t harm him. They are sent to Roevel Academy together, a school that trains a special kind of corps on the Southern Coast, educated to use their abilities and retain order in the cities. Both Axten and Mite are from a poor, looked down upon town called Trevl, so on Roevel Academy Mite gets targeted because of her long hair. The girls with long hair are often picked for the corps’, so cutting the other students’ hair could limit the competition. Even though Mite is strong in the sense, she’s also fragile behind her high walls. Axten would even describe her as more caring and thoughtful than he could ever be. He finds it hard to understand other people and sees that Mite understands them all too well. When the other students assault Mite and cut her hair, she’s too stressed to use her abilities to fight back, and physically she’s weak. They cut her hair, leaving her with these straight, way too short bangs and a mess of a short hairstyle. They even break her special hair pin, on which she had engraved the few memories from her past, she was most fond of. Mite really hates people. Nothing is fair. But at least she got Axten.

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