Artist Corner [ENG]

Welcome to the Artist Corner for the novel Incarnation. Do have in mind, that the book and character decriptions contain spoilers.

The novel is written in Danish, but it would be amazing to see it translated into other languages, so feel free to write me if you know a publisher or are a publisher who’s interested.


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The book


Incarnation is the first book in the Mestenes-series. It’s a novel about Mestenes, who wakes up in the morgue at Roevel Academy. It turns out that someone has used an essence to make Mes come back to life, but Mes doesn’t remember anything from the past. At the school Mes meets the student Axten, who’s certain Mes is some sort of godly creature. Mes is dressed like a girl. Later on Axten realizes that Mes is in fact a boy, physically, and Mes’ body has alot of signs from physically abuse. Mes begins to relive memories from the past, memories from a life in a lonely cellar.

Along the way Mite, Axtens best friend, tries to help them in the mystery of what Mes are and why someone made the body come back to life. However, it’s not easy for Mite, who has feelings for Axten, and even though Axten tries to fight it he gets more and more attracted to Mes.

Even though Mes wish for it not to be true, it turns out that Mes is no godly creature and the memories are Mes’ own.

Wielder characters

betvingerpige design m. halsbånd
Wielders are people with a power called The Sense.

Both Axten, Mes and Mite are wielders, people with a special power called The Sense. They can use it to move objects without touching them and read people’s memories. Therefore wielders are considered a danger to sociaty.

kastellets mærke
The Citadel’s mark

All wielders get moved away from their families and grow up on specialized orphanages. The Citadel, the people who rules The Southern Coast, uses wielders as their property. And to show the world, that wielders are in fact the property of The Citadel, all wielders wear collars with the Citadel’s mark.


Mestenes (Mes)

The main character in Inkarnation. Read more by clicking on Mes’ name.

“Jeg tager underkjolen af i en glidende bevægelse. I den kølige kælder mærker jeg det svage træk mod min nøgne ryg. At se på mig selv i spejlet er på ingen måde det samme, som da jeg så genspejlingen af mit ansigt i den røde metaloverflade. I spejlet ser jeg meget mere. Det fylder mig med en trykkende sorg. Jeg føler mig som en underlig vanskabning.”


A wielder student who supports Mes. Read more by clicking on Axten’s name.


A close friend to Axten. Read more by clicking on Mite’s name.


The Wielder uniform

Roevel Academy’s seal, worn on the uniform jacket. The red rose with R A underneath and the year the school was formed: 648.

Upper body
– Black leather collar with the Citadel’s mark.
– Black jacket with the student’s name on one side, written in silver letters, and Roevel Academy’s seal on the other side.
– Black tie = First year student. Orange tie = Second year student.
– White shirt.
– Under garment, a slip with or without sleeves (for females). It’s not visible when all the other layers of clothing are on top.

Lower body
– Skirt, grey (for females)
– Knee high socks, black (for females)
– Pants, black (for Males)
– Black socks (for Males)
– Sneakers, black or dark grey with white laces

– Hair pins, handmade (for females with long hair). The students carve memories into the wooden pin. It’s the only accessory item the wielder students are allowed to own as their own.

school uniform
Only the collar is the difference between wielder uniforms and the uniforms of the other students on Roevel Academy.
A random wielder student from the second year (orange tie)